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Individual Program


We offer a chance for people of all ages and backgrounds to discover horses and relationship with them – children, adults, beginners and experienced riders, who want to get to know the life with the horses. We adjust our program for each participant individually, regarding their needs, experiences and wishes.


The Program consists of several sessions:


  • Focus on a participant learning to bond and effectively communicate with a horse,
  • What kind of message are we sending to the horse?
  • What is hiding behind relationship human – horse?
  • What does the horse’s reaction tell us?
  • Communication with the horse on the ground – it can be challenging,
  • Basics of horse riding for beginners and riding for riders, with some experiences,
  • What are balancing exercises on the horse?


For the program we use our horses, you can also use your horse.


We offer a package of several sessions. Our experiences show that students need several sessions to develop the inner connection with the horse, to experience and learn about the horses. We see that one visit is not enough to make progress.




You can rent horse riding gear (helmet, jacket) at our equestrian centre.




Since we want you to get the most out of this experience and to develop qualities and skills that you need for working with horses, Individual Program is a package of several hours (depending on the student).

The price is discussed depending on how many hours you will need. We charge 30 € per hour.


Contact Us


For more information please contact us on info@kraljeva-domacija.com.


Capabilities of the Kraljeva domačija Borovnica for the implementation of individual program are currenty filled, we are not accepting any new riders.