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Horseback Miracles – HBM



What is HBM?

Horseback Miracle (HBM) is a non-profit organization which provides the most advanced, innovative, and worldwide unique equine-assisted sensory-based therapy program for its participants from a successful method invented and develop since 1991 by Terry Draper in Colorado, USA.


The Draper Sensory Method is based on scientific principles of the brain-body connection and a well-defined series of equine mounted activities. More than 20 years of researches end experiences allowed them to develop a unique connection between a person and a horse, where a horse acts a catalyst in connecting the human brain functions.


The program consists of three phases:

  • neutralizing stress,
  • balancing neuro-chemicals,
  • gaining the ability to focus, remember, and reason in order to change the belief system.

Cases: autism, Asperger syndrome, PTSD, stroke, MS, OCD, ADHD, depression, anxiety, schizophrenia, bipolar disorder, language disorder, burnout, brain damage after the accident,…

And all individuals who seek personal growth and development.


HBM Program and Price

At the Kraljeva domačija we perform neurotherapeutic program. If you are interested in the program please contact us at info@kraljeva-domacija.com.


The price of individual therapy is EUR 200,00 (VAT included).

The minimum number of therapies is 4. Based on experience, 10-15 treatments are recommended.


You can sign up for the HBM program by completing the Application Form, which is sent to you based on your interest.


More info

For more information about HBM (”Draper Equine-Assisted Sensory-Based Therapy Methodology” or ”Draper Sensory Method”) please visit Horseback Miracles.

You can also contact us by sending us an email to info@kraljeva-domacija.com or over our Contact Form.


Contact us at the number  + 386 (0)41 650 410, Edvard Bešlagič, HBM Program Coordinator


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