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Kraljeva domačija Borovnica

Short presentation of our equestrian centre

Kraljeva domačija Borovnica is situated out in the country in the middle of the idyllic Borovnica valley on the outskirts of Ljubljansko barje. We offer a wide variety of activities: Individual Programs, Courses and Events. We host experienced trainers and facilitators, like Jane Bartle-Wilson from Great Britain, Hanne Sigaard, Eva Dalhoff from Denmark, and many more.


Our primary activity is Horseback Miracles (HBM), for more information please click on the following link Horseback Miracles – HBM.


Kraljeva domačija Borovnica offers you indoor horse riding.  It’s a place where we organize workshops throughout the year.


Our goal is to give you the opportunity to meet our horses, feel their greatness and strength.

Ivanka Janika Kržič
HBM Practitioner
Head of equestrian centre
HBM Coordinator

Horses of Kraljeva domačija Borovnica

Meet our horses

  • Hombre
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Hombre is our largest horse and the greatest challenge in our stable. This handsome and powerful horse is dominant and introverted. He doesn’t allow just anybody to ride him. It’s therefore necessary to show him strength and determination, as well as kindness, for this is the only way to earn his cooperation and awaken his hidden talents. Year of birth: 1998.

Breed: Oldenburg

Oldenburg is a warm-blooded breed which originates from the north-west of Lower Saxony (Germany). Horses of this breed are most often black, brown or grey and are 162 to 174 cm high. They have a long history in equestrian sports, especially in show jumping and dressage.

  • Blue
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Blue is our youngest horse. He is very kind, obedient and tolerant. Due to his generous character, we use him for HBM therapy. He learns very fast and is used to different situations and participants in HBM therapy. Year of birth: 2012.

Breed: Paint Horse

Paint breed horses were supposed to be brought to America by Spaniards and they released many of the horses into the wild. They became popular with the Indians because they believed they had magical power because of their color. They are strong, muscular, durable, agile and very talented. Just because of their character, people like to use them for all-round riding and even for jumping over the obstacles.

  • Pagira
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Pagira is a beautiful snow-white mare, also known as our Princess. Even the slightest unexpected movement around her can scare her. She is fast, unpredictable and needs a calm rider, who can give her a sense of security. She’s a fast learner and can be taught tricks. Year of birth: 1999.

Breed: Anglo-Arabian

Anglo-Arabians originate in France and are a crossbreed between Arabian and English purebred horses. They are 157 to 170 cm high and are usually brown or grey. They combine strong bones and durability of the Arabian horse with the speed and versatility of the English horse. They are used for dressage and endurance.

  • Blue
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Blue is the oldest horse in our stable. He has a playful personality and he is very calm because of his age. That is why the children adore him. He was a school horse for many years and beginners can learn a lot by working with him. Year of birth: 1995.

Breed: crossbreed (Lipizzaner / Arabian)

Blue is a crossbreed between a Lipizzaner mare and Arabian horse. He’s small and sturdy with a height of a Lipizzaner. He has a thick and long mane.

  • Owen
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Owen is our competition horse. He came from England, like Star. He is a dominant horse with a social personality and a great will to work. He needs to be engaged in various activities every day, otherwise he becomes bored. He’s highly trained and requires an experienced and focused rider, because he takes advantage of indecisiveness. He sometimes participates in dressage competitions nearby. Year of birth: 1998.

Breed: Irish Sport Horse

Irish Sport Horses are born athletes and therefore excel in all disciplines, especially in show jumping and eventing. They are durable and calm but lively when necessary. They can be of any color and between 152 and 173 cm in height.

  • Bonnie
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Bonnie is a lovely mare with unusual colors that charms every visitor. She doesn’t trust everyone and she needs some time to make contact with a pearson.  She is calm but still lively enough to be pleasant to ride. She didn’t have a lot of training before she arrived and has a lot to learn before she becomes obedient and suitable for beginners. Year of birth: 2009.

Breed: Cob

The term ”Cob” is used to describe a body type of horse rather than a specific breed.  Cobs are larger than ponies, have a stout build and strong bones. Coloured Cobs are called “Gypsy Cobs”. Cobs are used for everyday riding and pulling.

  • Star
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Star joined us in 2015 and is the first pony in our stable. He is our youngest and most mischievous horse. Working with him requires determination and concentration, because he can exploit every moment of carelessness. He is young and still has a lot to learn, but he has also learned us a lot, because he requires different approach then our older horses. Year of birth: 2009.

Breed: Welsh Pony

This breed of sport horses comes from Wales. The smallest are around 112 cm high, while the highest grow up to 163 cm. They have a friendly character and are known for their endurance and intelligence. They can be black, grey, palomino or brown. They are suitable for all kind of sports and are mostly used for riding and pulling.